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How to Choose the Right Lawyer

Your ideal lawyer is smart, experienced in criminal law, driven, personable and backed by the best resources available.

The lawyers working for the Law Offices of Erik Bruce have more than TWENTY YEARS EXPERIENCE PRACTICING CRIMINAL LAW. This level of commitment to the defense of the accused is unmatched by most firms. During our careers, we have worked for the prosecution and the defense giving us a special insight into how the district attorney will try to prove the case against you.

We have handled more than 5,000 CASES from DUI’s and simple misdemeanors such as DOMESTIC ABUSE, DRIVING ON A SUSPENDED LICENSE and PETTY THEFT to serious felonies including DRUGS CASES, RAPE, WEAPONS USE, AND MURDER.

WE ARE EXPERIENCED handling all stages of a criminal defense case from PRE-TRIAL NEGOTIATIONS to the filing of MOTIONS TO SUPRESS and fighting your case at JURY TRIAL. Every case is special and requires a TAILORED DEFENSE TO LIMIT YOUR EXPOSURE TO CRIMINAL PENATIES.

While we always expect to win your case at trial, should the case require an appeal you want a lawyer skilled in preserving your case for victory in the Courts of Appeal. As a member of every Northern California criminal appellate panel, our lawyers are experienced in prosecuting an appeal and DEFENDING YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

DUI AND CRIMINAL LAW IS COMPLEX. For this reason, WE DO NOT PRACTICE ANY OTHER TYPE OF LAW. If you have a family law matter or wish to sue someone for a personal injury we can refer you to top lawyers who specialize in those areas of law. WE FOCUS ON CRIMINAL LAW TO BETTER SERVE OUR CLIENTS.

We are a LAW FIRM. When you hire the Law Offices of Erik Bruce, you are getting the experience of attorneys with support staff

Experience is important but if you cannot contact your lawyer or if he does not take the time to explain your rights then you have not really found a good lawyer. We pride ourselves on being RESPONSIVE TO CLIENTS and PATIENT TO EXPLAIN YOUR RIGHTS. Before you leave our offices, you will have all of your legal questions answered.

WE BACK OUR EXPERIENCE with support from the very best EXPERT WITNESSES, PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS and STATE OF THE ART RESEARCH SPECIALISTS. Your case is complex and often requires more than the very best lawyer. Before filing a case against you, the prosecution will spare no resource in sending detectives to investigate your crime and employing tax-payer funded experts to help find you guilty. DON’T BE LEFT UNDEFENDED! We employ the VERY BEST INVESTIGATORS and EXPERT WITNESSES available to fight your case.

  • DO YOU HAVE AN ALIBI? Then you need our team to gather evidence, interview witnesses and present your case to a jury.
  • CHARGED WITH A DUI BUT ONLY HAD A FEW DRINKS? Our experts will explain to a jury how police breathalyzers are not foolproof and that you could not possibly have been impaired by alcohol.
  • GANG ENHANCEMENT? We use one of the best gang experts from Los Angeles County to fight gang charges. The prosecution will use a cop with minimal training to give an expert opinion that you are a gang member. This could result in your spending YEARS IN PRISON. Our gang expert has more experience and education in analyzing gang enhancements than nearly every police officer. He will help you BEAT THESE CHARGES.
  • DID THE POLICE FIND DNA?This evidence can often only be defended with the use of a DEFENSE EXPERT IN DNA TECHNOLOGY. We have access to the best DNA experts available to fight and win your case.

AT THE EARLIEST OPPORTUNTIY, CALL THE LAW OFFICES OF ERIK BRUCE. We are available to discuss your case immediately and will schedule a prompt, convenient appointment to meet in person whether at one of our offices or in custody. Once retained, our entire team will fight to GET YOU OUT OF JAIL AND KEEP YOU FREE.